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All inclusive travel-experiences for students and faculty


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ED&TRAVEL offers all-inclusive travel experiences for students and faculty. We plan and provide accommodation, transport, food and on-site tours at all destinations. All to make trips last a lifetime. 


Discover a new culture and accomplish something unforgettable! Be aware of the international world, and get a sense of social justice.

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Interact with the native population and fellow international students, and participate in valuable life experiences.

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Immerse in the local business environment, study and experience economies, opportunities and challenges around the globe.

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A full immersion experience.

Get an in-depth understanding of a foreign culture from an social, academic, and professional perspective.

Our Team

An international team of individuals with years of experience in education and culturally immersive experiences.

Paola Aravena

Paola Aravena

Director of Operations

Marisel Jaque

Marisel Jaque

Marketing & Communications

Josh Lundstrom

Josh Lundstrom

Logistics Management

What Our Customers Say

When traveling internationally one wants to have a highly trained and very capable professional guide you through the experience. Our group was most fortunate to have had this with the exceptional services provided by Paola Aravena. Despite the complex logistics and group size, Paola took a personal interest in each one of us, certain to tailor her insights and support to each of us, as needed. The pre-planning required was no small feat. She handled it all like the talented pro she is. 

Roberto Escobar

SII, Chile

My field trip abroad experience is one I will never forget. Not only did I have the opportunity to visit great businesses and gain insight into their international marketing efforts, I was able to visit another country and experience another culture, which I now call home. Experience, professionalism, customer focus, attention to detail and caring nature ensured everyone on the tour was supported.

Ben Garnero

Marketing and Business Development Professional

Our group had support at any time of day and for any task, before and during travel, and I was confident at all times that any challenge was going to be taken care of perfectly. Our pre-departure planning was simple, and our local tour manager was on hand at all times to inform our planning logistics from big details to small ones.

Carmen Fernandez

Group Leader, UAB

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